F R E E W O R K S H O P di un slasher/police/horror MOVIE @ Qualcosa da dichiarare, Verona [dal 11 su 14 luglio]

F R E E W O R K S H O P di un slasher/police/horror MOVIE

11 - 14
17:00 - 20:00

 Pagina di evento
Qualcosa da dichiarare
Corte Dogana 6, 37121 Verona, Italy
massimo 10 persone, con due artisti da Berlino ♥

un momento per mettersi in gioco sia come attore che come videomaker, aiuto regia, parte di un team cinematografico a tutti gli effetti.


Krischan Horn (il regista) scrive:
«First of all: The plot of the 3- to 5-minutes part in Verona isn't finished in all details, I'm open to suggestions. The prologue takes place on Friday 13 th May 1983. It prepares the events, that take place in the main part (Berlin, Christmas 1999). All in all the film will run approximately 30 minutes. The prologue in Verona mirrors the later events...»

◄◄◄ ECCO l'idea del regista Krischan Horn e del cameraman Christoph Giebeler

«During the BFF we want to shoot the brief prologue of a slasher/police/horror movie called DEUS EX MACHINA (aka DEO GRATIA II) with a turbo-catholic killer, who stabs prostitutes, muslims, queer people and other „bad sheep“.
We want to shoot it on 4 days during the festival.

The short part in Verona will be set on Friday 13th May 1983 (the rest of the film will be set between Christmas and New Year's Eve 1999 in Berlin). It's more a spotlight on former happenings than a fully completed story, it's partly inspired by Italian Giallo movies of the 60's/70's (Mario Bava etc.). It will reveal some motifs, that play a role in the later part of the film, that will be shot in autumn/winter.

◄◄◄ Beware: This won't be a common workshop; nothing, where you get teached something about medium long shots and so on. It's about guerilla filming without money and without the infrastucture of funded movie shootings, with spontaneous decisions, depending on what happens on set and where we find locations.
BUT, simultaneously: the movie won't be improvised — it has a script, storyboard, it is highly stylized and so on. That's the magic about this kind of filmmaking: You just need a camera, some people/friends, an idea. That's all — now you can do a film. The workshop is an opportunity to be a part of something beautiful, that's all.

For the small crew we can need people for the following departments/roles (although everyone has to do a bit of everything)

— location scout
— someone for costumes & props for early 80's Italy
— sound engineer (sound with „fishing rod“)
— »tinkerer" for practical effects (splatter, gore)
— the camera man Christoph could need assistance
— set photographer
— assistant director would be fine
— set manager
— little catering?


— MARIO, a police man (protagonist): hard-boiled detective, mental breakdown (dies bloody)
— MARIA, his betrayed wife (gets stabbed in bathtube)
— ANASTASIA, Mario's ecort affair (survives maybe — maybe not)
— DER RICHTER, a turbo-catholic, half-supernatural killer: a bit older, needs some «face», impressive (speaks just two lines, in Latin)
— 3-5 more police men/women
— touristic gay couple (gets stabbed)
— 2-3 prostitutes (get stabbed)
— 10-20 pedestrians, sightseers etc.

We'll film in FullHD (4:3 and black&white)."

◄◄◄ CHI è il REGISTA Krischan Horn?
Krischan Horn was born Friday the 13th May 1983 in Hadamar, Hessen, some hundred metres away from a former nazi euthanasia institution. Fascinated by moved pictures since then, he worked more than a century in videoshops and pays his rental fee since 2006 via film journalism for magazines like Vision Kino, Programmkino, Indiekino Berlin and more. Horn filmed his first short film back in 1999. A whole bunch of (mostly next to unshown) projects, e.g. arty stuff, videoclips and trash movies under the lable «Red Shit Productions» (aka RS productions) followed — last one the Rape'n'Revenge action flick «Valentina Vito».


◄◄◄ CHi è il CAMERAMAN Christoph Giebeler?
Christoph is a self-employed photographer, camera operator and designer. During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL) he worked as freelancer and for the German TV channel WDR. Since 2009 he creates image clips, music videos, photographs, graphic works and websites for agencies and commercial or private costumers. He had various expositions in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Christoph was graphic designer for the cultural art and cinema magazine MovieBeta and is part of a small collective, which organizes expositions, concerts, movie screenings and poetry slams at „Raststätte“, an independent location dedicated to art and culture in Aachen.

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